Taxi service «AP VIP» offers a service driver (sober driver). Our taxi increased comfort has a fleet of the best cars of the city. So its better to entrust an expensive car driver who himself goes on an expensive car! If you do not feel well or a little drunk – dial 603, order service.

Driver and within 15 minutes you are guaranteed to come clean driver with a good knowledge of the city, and with that just nice to talk to. Also, our services are often used by wealthy people, if they can not find a substitute for personal driver, or do they need to safely overtake their car within the city and the region.

By ordering this service, the driver will come to you of our service, which is under its own power comes up to you at the address, and also your car will drive you to any place in Kiev and its suburbs. This is convenient because you can afford to quietly relax and enjoy alcohol, besides you will not need to look for a place to park at night or worry about an abandoned car.

If necessary, at the time of ordering the service “driver”, we will provide you as soon as possible a professional driver who is well versed in your car brand and its features. It is important to clarify that when you order what you gearbox – automatic or mechanic.

Proposal Request driver you can 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! The cost of the service manager calls immediately when ordering.

It is important to know! It is important to know! Necessary conditions for the provision of services “Driver”:

  • the customer is the owner of the car ( you must have supporting documents );
  • the customer has a driver’s license and registration certificate;
  • car insured (CTP).

Order service “Driver”, please call (044) 392-8-603, (044) 200-6-603 and 093-351-70-00 or 603 (mobile)!