Taxi «603» – is your reliable guide to Kiev, Kiev region and throughout Ukraine. Our staff is well oriented in the roads, know the shortest routes, and in the course of a trip can offer guide services. It will be useful for you if you are going to order a taxi to the airport or train station , and the trip from anywhere in the city to a destination.

- Delivery of cars around the clock!

Ordering a service, you can be 100% confident that at any time of the day, our experienced drivers will provide car pick up a business or premium (as an option – minibus) to the main entrance of the train station or the airport. Similarly, 24 hours a day, we are ready to pick you up from your home, office or house and take you to the train station or airport.

- Fast and reliable!

The accuracy and efficiency are our advantages, and thanks to these qualities, you will find yourself in time where the plan to be. You do not run the risk to miss the train or plane, even in rush hour, as our staff carefully studies the planned route, providing our clients with a minimum of time on the road and most of your co-operation with the main Limo – «Taxi 603».

- Meeting at the station or at the airport!

If you expect the arrival of the guests, who are not oriented in the city, our services – the best method to save time and hassle. Our staff will be welcomed guest or group of people to drive you to the destination that you inform us in advance. At the request of the client our drivers may carry a special card or any other markings that make them stand out from the crowd of greeters.

- Driver with knowledge of English!

Your guests are the foreigners? Book English speaking driver in «Taxi 603». Our staff will welcome your guests, put your luggage and will gladly show the city and its surroundings on the way to your destination. Quality work of taxi will become a hallmark of Kiev and give a positive experience .

Order a taxi to the airport or train station can be carried out in advance or immediately when the supply of machines needed right now. In any of the options we guarantee the availability of free car and an individual approach to each client.