24 hours a day taxi service
«Taxi 603» is a constant leader in the number of companies providing quality transport services by taxi in Kiev. One of our key advantages is a large fleet of popular European brands, so we can always supply a car to your destination. We are working around the clock, which means you can book a trip to Kiev or out of town advance or immediately at any time of the day or night.

No matter what district of city you are and wherever you plan to go, we are always ready to provide the European service at reasonable prices.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that every client can expect on :

- 100 % delivery a car in Kiev and suburb ;

- A modern car that belongs to the «Taxi 603» Kyiv;

- A polite driver who can excellent orientates in the route ;

- The fastest transportation to any place of Ukraine;


We can:

- To help you to carry out an individual or a corporate trip to the picnic ;

- To meet you, your loved ones or business partners at the airport , near the subway or bus stop ;

- Pick you up late at night after work or from the party ;

- To take you to any destination in Kiev and throughout Ukraine – in any city , regardless of its distance from the capital.

Thanks to us, you can save time on the road and always be on time at the right place..

How to order a taxi?

Just call from your mobile to the number 603 (free callback) or from a landline on 220-6-603 and request a service: to clarify where we should deliver a machine where you plan to go and how urgently. Ordering our services, you will not have to spend additional time waiting for: the selection of a car going at once during your communication with the operator. Having made the call at the number (603 from your mobile or 220-6-603 from landline one) , you will immediately receive information about the availability of our machines . You determine the time when the delivery of taxi is desirable, and we will do our best to fulfill your wish.